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How can animals help with hospice care?

How can animals help with hospice care? Pets have an age-old history of providing authentic camaraderie and displaying unreserved love for the people in their lives. This camaraderie and love forms a great emotional connection between animal and human. The connections that people share with pets can have positive outcomes: lowered nervousness and pressure, more feelings … Read more

3 Habits Of Stable Caregivers

Caregiving can provide uplifting moods to the caregiver. Here are just a few: Contentment: The deed of caring for another person can be an overwhelming but satisfying opportunity.  Living in such an essential and gratifying role can offer the caregiver a sense of significance. The gift of time: In some circumstances (not all) being someone’s caregiver … Read more

3 Steps for Supporting Grieving Family and Friends: Support vs. Comfort

What is the difference?  Well, comfort suggests a longing to free someone from their pain and make them feel a smaller amount of sadness, while support suggests a longing to offer assistance. Over time you’ve probably become good at the comfort part (we all have), so when you approach someone who is grieving your first inclination may be to … Read more

10 Essential Steps for Dealing With Grief

Dealing with grief – Grieving is not an easy process and everyone mourns in their own way. Some are open and communicative about their feelings; others are reserved and introverts. Also, depending on the day, you could be a mixture of both. The vital thing is to heal, to be able to get up every … Read more