How Does Hospice Care Work?

The Benefits of Palliative Care

Many people believe that hospice programs are a last resort. They may believe that hospice is an admission of defeat, or that hospice services may in some way hasten the death of a loved one. While it is understandable that you might be feeling this way, there are many important benefits associated with hospice care. 

How Will You Know When It’s Time?

If your loved one meets the following conditions, you will know that it is time to reach out:

If your loved one is suffering from a terminal diagnosis and has been cleared by their doctor to enter a hospice program.

If your loved one requires additional comfort-care services.

If you are a primary caretaker who needs relief or assistance while caring for your loved one during their final season.

If your loved one's health is rapidly declining.

The Best Care Available

Meet Your Loved One's Care Team

If your loved one is a part of the Seasons Hospice care program, they will have access to helpful, professional and compassionate care team members. Our patients are assigned one care team. This team works with them throughout their care journey with Seasons Hospice Tulsa.

Registered Nurse:

Each care team is lead by a Registered Nurse (RN). Seasons Hospice RNs visit patients every other week, or more if necessary. RNs are in charge of their patient’s pain management and other medical needs.


Seasons respects patients and families of all faiths, belief systems, and world-views. If a patient does not wish to have spiritual support, we will respect that decision.


We are always looking for open-hearted individuals who want to make a difference in their community. Our volunteers interact with hospice patients and their families. They provide simple services and use their skills and talents to assist our patients.

Hospice Services

Comfort Care of the Highest Quality

Nursing Services

Seasons Hospice Tulsa RNs visit patients wherever they call home. We visit nursing homes, hospitals, and homes. The patient care services we provide vary depending on what a patient’s symptoms are. Our goal during these visits is to make sure that our patient’s pain is managed, they are as comfortable as they can be, and their family is supported.

Physician Services

Patients at Seasons are not required to part with their existing physician when they enter into our care. We employ wonderful geriatric and palliative care specialists, but we also recognize that our patients might want to continue their relationship with their personal physician. If you and your loved one choose to keep their personal physician, Seasons staff members will work with them to ensure that your loved one is receiving the best possible care.

Pain Management

We’ve found that pain is one of our hospice patients’ main fears regarding dying. At Seasons, our patient’s comfortability and quality of life is our biggest focus. We want our patients to live out their final season feeling like themselves and enjoying their life, comfortable and pain free.

Pain management is what makes this possible. Seasons Hospice pain management does not decrease cognitive abilities, nor does it hasten death. It simply provides your loved one with the best quality of life possible.

Personal Care & Homemaker Services

At Seasons Hospice Tulsa, we are a full-service hospice that offers both intensive services along with more basic personal care and homemaker services. Our care takers/aids are trained to help patients to successfully complete activities of daily living and other necessary services.

From brushing teeth to washing hair, we make patients’ lives easier. We do laundry, complete minimal home keeping tasks, and offer support to busy caregivers.

Spiritual Support

As a faith-based hospice provider, our beliefs lay the foundation for our approach to hospice care. Our entire staff meets every Monday morning to lift up our patients and their loved ones in prayer. Our faith gives us the joy we need to provide our patients with services that are rooted in hope, grace, and compassion.

Seasons Hospice recognizes that not all patients or families will desire spiritual support. We respect all religions, world views, and faiths.

Counseling & Social Services

At Seasons Hospice Tulsa, we understand how important it is to support the primary caregivers and the loved ones of our patients. Our social workers are trained to find out what causes families and caretakers stress, and they work with these individuals to diminish tension and fear.

Our bereavement services are led by Bereavement Coordinators who develop community events and are involved with families for up to 13 months following a loved ones passing.

Our free grief counseling allows us to educate and comfort our community by offering free counseling and public speaking to individuals and groups.

Durable Medical Equipment

Seasons Hospice Tulsa is the only hospice in the region with a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) program in-house. Upon admission to Seasons Hospice, we deliver the necessary medical equipment to wherever our patients call home. Usually, equipment delivery occurs within 1-2 hours of admission.

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We want prospective patients and their families to feel supported and to feel like they have the answers they need before committing to our hospice program. We are available to assist you, and want to help you understand the hospice process. Please don’t hesitate to reach out!