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At Seasons Hospice, we never want our patients or their loved ones to worry about how they will pay for hospice care. Many of our services and patient experiences are made possible through generous gifts from Tulsa and Muskogee community members like you.

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Understanding Our Donation System

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We believe in transparency, and that is why we wanted to provide information on how your donations are used. Learn more about each donation category and choose where you would like for your gift to go.

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General Budget

Donations to the general budget go directly to our patients and their families. We love to be able to add joy into the lives of our patients through granting their requests, from a new haircut to a trip to the zoo. Your donation helps bring light to those at Seasons Hospice.

As a 501c(3), those who donate to Seasons Hospice are eligible for a tax deduction. Proof of donation is required.

Do You Need a Helping Hand?

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Are you the caregiver for a loved one diagnosed with a terminal illness? Seasons Hospice of Tulsa and Muskogee is here to provide judgement-free help.