Providing Relief to Caregivers

You Deserve to be Taken Care of, Too

Caregivers of loved ones in hospice care have a big job. After all, your loved one depends on you for almost everything. From transportation to grocery shopping and helping with activities of daily living, you do it all. Unfortunately, the stress of caregiving can rob you of quality time with your loved one during their final season.

Seasons Hospice is proud to offer caregiver support services so we can help you bear the burden of caregiving.

Caregiver Support Services

Giving You The Support You Need

Seasons Hospice of Tulsa and Muskogee provides support services for caregivers and families, we are proud to offer:

Spiritual & Emotional Support

Your mental health is important to us. Seasons offers faith-focused counseling and support services for patients, their caregivers, and their families.

Bereavement Services

Caregivers and families have full access to our professional bereavement services after the passing of a loved one. Bereavement services and grief counseling give you a space to heal and bond with others who are experiencing grief.

Medical Support

Our care team members travel directly to your loved one to provide them with the medical support that they need to keep their symptoms managed and their pain levels controlled.

Hospice Volunteers & Aides

Volunteers bring joy into our patients lives by entertaining and offering companionship. Our trained aides assist the care team and work with RNs to ensure our patients are receiving the highest quality care possible.

Do You Need a Helping Hand?

Seasons Hospice is Reaching Out

Are you the caregiver for a loved one diagnosed with a terminal illness? Seasons Hospice of Tulsa and Muskogee is here to provide judgement-free help.