There’s an App for That: End-of-Life Planning

End-of-life planning is one of the most gracious yet grueling things a family member can do for a loved one.

On one hand, end-of life planning can be a time for connecting with your loved one: discussing things previously left unsaid, sharing stories about life experiences, and helping to ensure their final days are spent in both comfort and dignity. On the other hand, proper planning for the end of life can come with stressful considerations: preparing advance care directives, wills, funerals, and even just helping them consider their legacy.

Although end-of-life planning can be a grueling task to complete, technology can make things a little easier. Mobile apps can be a great way to complement an end-of-life plan already in place. With so many relevant apps out there, it can be tough to figure out where and how to get started. Here are a few good ones to consider:



With Cake, end-of-life planning actually becomes a piece of cake. This app helps people determine and share their end-of-life wishes. Cake identifies these wishes by presenting users with a number of questions to which they can answer yes or no.

Based on the answers, the app creates a profile for each user that is divided into four categories: legacy, health, legal/financial, and funeral. Each category is accompanied by action steps one could take to carry out those wishes.



Everplans is essentially a digital vault for a person’s end-of-life plans. With this app, users can easily and securely store wills, passwords, funeral wishes and more in their own shareable vault. This is done in four simple steps, laid out by Everplans here:

  1. Tell us what you have already done
  2. Complete your personalized to-do list
  3. Upload everything to your secure vault
  4. Share your plan with deputies



The MyDirectives MOBILE™ App allows users to “digitize their voice and thoughts in a legal advance care plan that is secure in the cloud and available 24/7 anywhere in the world.”

Upon an unfortunate event, this app quite literally allows people to speak for themselves, digitally of course. What this means is that users “populate their Medical ID” with their MyDirectives advance care plan information, including their health information and end-of-life plans. This allows doctors to have access to this vital information right from a patient’s iPhone lock screen.



SafeBeyond defines itself as a “legacy management service.” This app allows users to keep record of their life story in the form of meaningful digital content. SafeBeyond’s distribution capabilities then allow for the future delivery of this content in the form of personalized messages accessible by specific loved ones.


At Seasons Hospice, we are here to offer help and resources to help make end-of-life planning easier. Call us at 1-918-745-0222.

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