We want to educate our patients and family members to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Spring Cleaning Checklist for Seniors

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Spring is a time for new beginnings, and what better way to start the season than by doing some spring cleaning? This year, make sure to include your elderly loved ones in your plans. Spring cleaning is not just a chore – it’s an important ritual that helps keep seniors healthy and safe. Here are … Read more

COVID-19 + FAITH with Dr. Mitch Duininck

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At Seasons Hospice, we know people are searching for answers. Our organization’s President has known Dr. Mitch Duininck for many years and knows him to be a not only and incredible doctor, but a good man and trustworthy source of information during these unquestionably difficult times. We hope you find this informative.

In Regard to COVID-19

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At Seasons Hospice, we understand the anxiety surrounding the ongoing outbreak of COVID-19 and are monitoring the situation closely.  We understand the threat this virus poses to our patients and their families and we’re taking steps to minimize the risk of exposure. We are following all CDC, CHAP, and state health department guidelines in addition … Read more

Why Is Respite Care So Important?

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Why is Respite Care So Important? Being a full time caregiver is one of the most emotionally challenging jobs out there. Putting your needs aside to make sure that your loved one is thriving requires a level of selflessness that takes a lot out of you. If you’re a caregiver, you’re not alone – more … Read more

Do I Need Bereavement Support?

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The Grieving Process The death of a loved one can be one of the most painful experiences in our lives. When it happens, it can feel like it will be impossible to ever recover. During the grieving process, you might be angry, sad, guilty or a combination of all three. Your emotions may fluctuate wildly, … Read more

4 Tips To Cope With Grief During the Holidays

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There is no way to describe the crushing feeling of grief, nor is there a way to describe how much worse grief feels during the holidays. The holidays are a time for gathering and sharing time with your loved ones, and when a loved one is missing it can feel impossible to celebrate the same … Read more

When Should I Seek Hospice Care?

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Hearing the news that it’s time to seek hospice care can be a hard pill to swallow. Many people believe that hospice means one is giving up or that they only have a few days to live, but this is not the case. Rather, hospice gives you the chance to make the most of your … Read more

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Hospice Care Tulsa What is the Hospice Care Tulsa Difference? It is the quality care and focus that comes from being a locally owned, community health care provider. That means that instead of looking for profit, we are passionate about providing care to our patients. ROUTINE HOSPICE CARE IN TULSA Hospice Care Tulsa is the … Read more

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Hospice Tulsa What is the Hospice Tulsa Difference?  It is the greater care and attention that comes from being a locally owned, community health care company. We are devoted about providing care to our patients, which means that instead of looking for income we want to take care of our patients. Different levels of care … Read more