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Soaking Music

Soaking Music Enjoy some of our favorite bathing time soaking music, courtesy of Seasons Hospice of Tulsa, OK. This peaceful audio recording is sure to help relax hospice patients and caregivers and provide some time to release the stresses of the day.  

History of Hospice Care | Tulsa Hospice

The History of Hospice | Tulsa Hospice The term “hospice” comes from the linguistic root of “hospitality”. From the middle ages to the present, caring for the dying has been handled in similar and various ways. In the middle ages, religious orders created “hospices” in key areas on the way to religious shrines that provided … Read more

Muskogee Hospice Care

Tulsa Hospice Care Tulsa hospice care with Compassion and Care Tulsa hospice care provides care with compassion and love for people who are in the last phase of life.  Our team here at Seasons hospice focus on comfort for our patients.  We want them to have the best possible Tulsa hospice care possible in the … Read more