A Grateful Heart

A Grateful Heart

What are you thankful for? Here is a list to get you thinking. Happy November!

  1. Something in nature
  2. Some type of technology
  3. A household item
  4. A personal quality you have
  5. A physical quality or trait you have
  6. A skill you have
  7. A food item
  8. A specific book
  9. Something that makes you laugh
  10. Something about your job (or work you do)
  11. A critter of some sort
  12. A specific person and why
  13. Weather that you love
  14. A smell or scent
  15. A specific song
  16. A specific season and why
  17. Your favorite taste
  18. A favorite tradition
  19. What you are passionate about
  20. A location, city or country
  21. An unexpected kindness someone did for you
  22. Something common you take for granted
  23. Favorite movie
  24. Someone you’ve never met who inspired you
  25. Something of great comfort
  26. What technology you are thankful for
  27. A hobby
  28. A memory
  29. A favorite place (big or small)
  30. A holiday and why


Praise the Lord! Give thanks to the Lord, because he is good; his love is eternal.  – Psalms 106:1

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