Three New Year's Resolutions You Should Keep

The New Year isn’t even a month old, but many people have already hit a roadblock while trying to keep their resolutions. In fact, only about eight percent of people actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions each year.

Making resolutions so unattainable and complex that they are difficult to maintain long-term is the main reason resolutions aren’t kept.

So what can you do to find success this year? Keep it simple and focus on achievable goals. Here are three New Year’s resolutions you really should (and can) keep!

1. Make one small change for better health:

Whether it’s drinking eight glasses of water a day or parking a little further away from the grocery store, small changes can add up to big results. Meditating for just five minutes every day will have more of an impact than dropping your one-hour meditation practice two days in.

Regardless of what you choose, find a way to track it. Cross off successful days on your calendar or download an app like HabitBull. When you see that chain of successes start to stretch through the month, it will be a lot easier to keep your New Year’s resolution going.

2. Volunteer:

Studies show that volunteering can boost happiness, decrease depression and help you live longer.

Volunteering is a great channel to get to know people in your community and help meet a need. It’s also a good opportunity to use a special skill or hobby you possess, all the while helping someone in need!

There are a number of places in each town to volunteer, such as your local Salvation ArmyRed Cross, and many other local non-profits in your area. There are also sites that help you find which volunteer position you would thrive best in around your area.

Even if you can only volunteer 30 minutes a week, it’s a great New Year’s resolution that’s easy to keep!

3. Get your healthcare paperwork in order:

Making sure your healthcare paperwork is organized and just the way you want it is very important. Ensure you’re ready for any medical emergency that may come your way by taking time and sorting out your healthcare paperwork.

You can get it done in less than an hour and crown yourself as a successful keeper of 2017 resolutions!

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