Hospice Care Tulsa

Hospice Care Tulsa

What is the Hospice Care Tulsa Difference?

It is the quality care and focus that comes from being a locally owned, community health care provider. That means that instead of looking for profit, we are passionate about providing care to our patients.


Hospice Care Tulsa is the most common level of hospice care provided to patients with limited life expectancy.

Hospice Care Tulsa includes, but is not limited to, nursing and home health aide services as well as counseling and social worker visits. Patients may receive Hospice Care Tulsa in their home or wherever they “call home”— a private residence, a Tulsa hospice residential care facility, a nursing facility, an assisted living facility or an adult care home – when the care is related to the terminal diagnosis and included in the plan of care for the patient. Routine Tulsa Hospice Home Care includes intermittent visits from all the members of the Interdisciplinary Team of Seasons Hospice.

A Tulsa patient will be placed at this level of care if they reside at home (or a long-term care facility) and the symptoms of their illness are controlled with medication and treatments.

Bringing care to the patient in the Tulsa area allows him to be surrounded by the ones he loves and to end life in familiar house surroundings.

A patient receiving Hospice Care Tulsa has access to the following services:


Visiting Tulsa nurses

On – call services 24 hours, seven days a week when needed

Nutritional valuations

Home health care aide

Pain and symptom management

Medical equipment, medications and supplies

The needs of the patient will determine the number of visits from Seasons Hospice staff team members. These needs are identified and outlined in a plan of care developed by you, the patient and family, and the Seasons Hospice team and the patient’s physician(s). The care plan serves as a guideline to assist all those providing hospice care and support to the patient. At this level of care the patient also has access to an on-call hospice nurse twenty-four hours a day.

Social workers, nurse assistants, nurses, physicians, and volunteers will work together professionally and effectively to manage the symptoms of the patient’s illness, whether they are physical or emotional. The Seasons  team will strive to understand the patients’ goals for living in this phase of their lives.

Support and bereavement care is provided to loved ones for up to one year after death has occurred.

Knowing when it is time to decide on hospice and choosing the right hospice care provider are two critical decisions. Seasons is here to help guide patients through the decision making process for end-of-life care.

Seasons Hospice operates hospice care and palliative care programs in the Tulsa area. We are one of the area’s premier providers of end-of-life care.


We’ve found that patients who are diagnosed with a life-limiting illness want to live in the comfort, surrounded by those who love them.  Our goal is to provide peace and comfort to the patient and their loved ones through this season in their life. We do this by ensuring quality of life for people faced with these life limiting illnesses by providing palliative home care and Tulsa hospice care.

How we relieve pain:

Hospice Care Tulsa is a Medicare certified program providing a unique kind of care and support to patients and families dealing with a life limiting illness when one no longer is seeking curative treatment.

The patient, family members and the patient’s physician work together to establish a plan of care to meet individual needs. We recognize that patients and their families experience more than just physical pain. The pain from psychological, social and spiritual problems is paramount in the Hospice Care Tulsa interdisciplinary team.

Our goal is to help the patient remain as pain free as possible and to assist in the final phase of life. Comfort is promoted, dignity is respected and quality of life is emphasized.

Levels of care

Hospice Care Tulsa provides different levels of care in order to tailor to each patient’s specific needs. Both the patient’s physician and Hospice Care Tulsa nurse must approve of changes in level of care.

Routine Tulsa Home Care

Routine home care is provided by Hospice Care Tulsa in the patient’s place of residence. The care is delivered by a specially trained and compassionate staff. These staff members are capable of providing medical, spiritual and social care. They assist with pain management, symptom management and activities of daily living. The Hospice Care Tulsa team also makes sure to communicate and coordinate care with the patient and family.

hospice care Tulsa

Most patients, with the assistance of the Hospice Care Tulsa team, are able to remain in their place of residence. Regardless if it is a private home or nursing home, many patients can remain at home for the duration of their illness with the help of Tulsa Hospice Care.

If the patient lives in a long-term care facility or nursing home, the care delivered is in addition to the normal nursing care provided by the facility and is covered by Medicare under a separate benefit. The care is coordinated by the interdisciplinary Hospice Care Tulsa team, nursing facility staff, the patient and the family.

It is the superior care and attention that comes from being a locally owned, community health care source. This means that instead of looking for income, we are ardent about providing care to our patients.

What is Hospice Care?

Here at Seasonshospice is about living. It neither hastens nor postpones death, but rather it affirms life, emphasizes dignity, and enhances the quality of the remainder of a person’s life.  Our team of Tulsa hospice care doctors, nurses and specialists, and volunteers provide peace and comfort to the patient and their loved ones.


Our goal is to provide peace and comfort to the patient and their loved ones through this season in their life. We have found that patients who are diagnosed with a life-limiting disease want to live in the security, encircled by those who love them. We do this by safeguarding quality of life for people faced with these life-limiting illnesses by providing palliative home care and Tulsa Hospice.

Hospice Care Tulsa – Seasons Hospice is here to help you!

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