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Social Media and Terminal Illness: Should You Post?

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Terminal illness can make even the most connected individuals feel isolated from their friends and family. Having limited mobility and reduced social interaction can make it challenging to stay positive during a battle with illness. Tech companies and developers have tried to remedy isolation over the past few decades by connecting people through social media. … Read more

Should You Use Video Calling for Elderly Loved Ones?

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A visit with your elderly loved ones, whether they are grandparents, great-aunts and uncles or just a close family friend, is something we should never take for granted. Their stories from years past, wisdom and gentle kindness are little treasures we carry with us after every conversation. Unfortunately, we aren’t always able to talk with … Read more

Hospice Transition: What You Need to Know

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It isn’t easy to think about your loved one having six months or less to live. A terminal diagnosis is devastating, no matter the illness or age of the patient. When the time comes, knowing how to make the hospice transition and what to expect will make the shift easier for all parties involved. You … Read more

Debunking 5 Myths About Hospice Care

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Life-limiting illnesses for a loved one are devastating when they happen. Even for a family member who has been able to live for a long time, getting the news from a doctor is difficult. Hospice care may be an option that you have heard about or that your loved one’s primary care physician presents. You … Read more

Your Guide to Caring For Your Dying Loved One

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When the time comes for a loved one to pass, there are likely a million questions going through your mind. What can I do to help my loved one? How can I let them know that I’m here for them? What is going to happen during this final stage of their life? We understand your … Read more

What to Expect During Hospice Care

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Providing care for a loved one that is dying is never an easy task, even when you know the end of life is coming. It is hard to feel prepared, but understanding what you can expect from hospice care is the first step. Once a doctor decides to stop treatment of a loved one and … Read more

This is what Hospice Care is all about

If you have found this page, then you’re probably looking for more information about end-of-life care. We’d like to help, so we’re going to cover some of the basics.  In this article, you’ll find information about hospice care and how to determine if it is the correct choice for your family.  Hospice focuses on providing … Read more

How to Help Your Loved One Sleep Better at Night

A patient receiving hospice care will sometimes find their previous nightly rituals and patterns of sleep disrupted. There are quite a few reasons why this happens ranging anywhere from medication side-effects to psychological conditions. For instance, studies have shown that people with cancer could be affected by anxiety or depression, which in turn may hinder their … Read more