Benefits of Art Therapy


Art therapy can increase the quality of life for those suffering and become a way of expression, even after other types of communication start to fail.

Researchers say that there are benefits of using art therapy with the elderly. Art can “awaken responses” and “help unlock sparks of understanding for patients experiencing memory loss.”

Creating art can brighten a patient’s day and help them communicate. Art therapy can uncover artistic abilities that are preserved, despite the decrease of short-term memory loss and increase of confusion that some life altering diseases manifest. Being creative can bring happiness and contentment to trying circumstances.

The artistic outlook encourages self-worth, support and a sense of wholeness. Although words that are lost cannot be used, the artists can restore a value in themselves and others. Relationships and understanding improve, while dead ends in language are surpassed by the person’s ability to express their stories creatively. Worry and feelings of isolation are decreased while mastery over their surroundings is refined. Art inspires people suffering from these frustrating circumstances to connect with others. Therapeutic art programs stimulate their mind and reduce symptoms of destructive behavior because of the helpful opportunities that they bring.

Here at Seasons Hospice, we encourage whatever means necessary to communicate and engage with our patients. If you have questions about how to incorporate art therapy with your loved ones, call us at 918-745-0222.

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