5 More Hospice Myths Answered

Hospice is an often misunderstood branch of medical care, and as a result, many who may benefit from hospice or palliative care simply fail to seek it out. In our last entry, we answered 5 of the most common myths about hospice care. Below are 5 more all-too-common misunderstandings about hospice care answered.

1. Hospice requires a “Do Not Resuscitate” order.

At Seasons Hospice in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we respect the values and choices of all our patients regarding end-of-life issues. We recognize that these are decisions patients and families must make together, without pressure from the outside. Therefore, we do NOT require “Do Not Resuscitate” status prior to admission.

2. Hospice requires family members to provide care to patients.

Hospice care is delivered by an interdisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, counselors, pharmacists and other professionals, as well as highly trained volunteers. Family members are not required to provide care. However, guidance and training are often given to family members and friends who wish to participate. Many patients prefer receiving care from those they know, and loved ones may find it rewarding as well.

3. Hospice means “nothing more can be done.”

Though hospice care does begin after a patient stops responding to or chooses not to receive curative care, the philosophy of hospice is that there is a great deal that can still be done. At Seasons Hospice, we believe in providing the best possible care to every patient. From pain and symptom control to spiritual and emotional support to 24/7 availability for information and help, we are committed to the best interest of every patient.

4. Hospice is only for the patient.

While hospice focuses on improving the quality of life for the patient, hospice care teams are equally concerned with supporting the family and loved ones. Not only are we here for the patient but for all those so deeply involved in and affected by the patient’s life.

5. Once you begin hospice care, you can’t change your mind.

Many hospice patients have returned to curative care for a number of reasons. If the disease goes into remission or improves at any time, or if a patient simply chooses to, they can be discharged from hospice and go back to aggressive measures to seek a cure. It is every patient’s right to choose, and Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance will allow readmission at a later date if necessary.

If you believe you or a loved one may benefit from hospice or palliative care, please call Seasons Hospice in Tulsa, Oklahoma at 918-745-0222. One of our compassionate, trained hospice counselors will speak with you personally and guide you through the process of choosing the best care for you or your loved one.


Photo by Jake Thacker on Unsplash

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