3 Ways to Avoid Caregiver Burnout

3. Take care of your support system.

  • Talk to a friend. Sometimes just talking through frustrations with someone helps. Especially if they are someone you trust. Your friends know you well and can help you sort through your feelings. Or you may just simply need to vent on occasion. Friends are great for that.
  • Find a support group. You have struggles that most people simply can’t relate to. But others in your situation know what you’re going through. A support group of caregivers can understand you like no one else can. And that can be the most refreshing thing you experience. If you aren’t’ meeting regularly with other caregivers, find a group in your area.
  • Talk to a counselor or clergy member. A therapist, social worker, or minister may be the perfect support for you at times. These people are trained to help and give advice on how to handle all kinds of emotional issues.

You find great satisfaction in caring for your loved one or patient. But in order to care for them well, you must take care of yourself. Caregivers often burn the candle at both ends. But taking care of your health, your attitude and your support system are three important ways to keep you from burning out!

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