From our Founder

Seasons Hospice was Founded in 1998. 

Our Care

We try to do everything we possibly can for a family. Many times, it’s the first time a family is going through something like this. They are scared and nervous.  We are here to take care of a body through a death, but we know that’s not the end. We know their spirit lives on.  We have sat though too many bedside deaths and seen too many miraculous things happen.

Our Team

The greatest thing I get to do every day is spend my time with the best people on earth. The hospice workers can do many things. The hospice field is full of givers and our company is definitely a part of this. In our four locations, over 7,000 families have gone through hospice.

There are companies like ours that do hospice, but there aren’t too many who also attend to the spiritual side. That’s what’s special for us. We are committed to do more visits especially in regards to caregiving. Hospice goes back to care. Our nurses attempt to be there at least twice a week. We try to have our aides there three times a week. That’s five touches a week. We are currently working on doing more on weekends so that we can add a sixth touch to every hospice patient. It’s important to us. It’s not easy for us. We don’t get paid more when we do more. We get paid the same regardless. Our commitment is to be the best we can be and reinvest every dollar we get back into the patient. This is what makes us different. It is hard work but we like what we do. 

Tim Winters
Founder and President

We are able to see patients in all or part of the following counties:
From Tulsa, OK

Here are just a few of the towns that we cover:
From Tulsa, OK